• Stealth Hearing Amplifier
  • Stealth Hearing Amplifier

Stealth Hearing Amplifier




  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 50dB
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Stylish look of an expensive cell phone earpiece
  • Comes with 3 sizes of soft tips for a custom fit
  • Includes rechargeable batteries and charger - NEVER BUY ANOTHER BATTERY AGAIN

The Secret Sound Amplifier is the original and the best personal sound amplifier that looks like an expensive cell phone earpiece. This stylish amplification system for the hearing impaired allows you to maintain your confidence while in difficult hearing environments. The Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier features Lithium rechargeable batteries, superb quality and Directional Sound Amplification of up to 50dB, which helps you hear what you have been missing. 

Stealth SSA is so lightweight and compact; you will forget you are wearing it. This amplifier for the hearing impaired can be worn in either ear, has a soft foam handle that fits snuggly over the ear and comes with 3 sizes of soft tips to give you the perfect custom fit. 

Whether you're in the theater, watching TV, listening to soft music, or just having a quiet conversation, the Stealth 50dB SSA Secret Sound Amplifier will deliver very good sound quality, allowing you to hear loud and clear. Includes Lithium rechargeable batteries that hold a charge all day and an FDA-compliant, UL Listed charger, so you will never have to buy batteries again. 

Note: Charger for use in United States and Canada only.