• NewSound VIVO108 "Refurbished" Hearing Aid
  • NewSound VIVO108 "Refurbished" Hearing Aid
  • NewSound VIVO108 "Refurbished" Hearing Aid

NewSound VIVO108 "Refurbished" Hearing Aid


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NewSound VIVO 108 Hearing Aid

The Vivo 108 hearing aid is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. It's a powerful unit with surprisingly clean and crisp sound. The Vivo 108 has a tone control switch so you can easily adjust your hearing aid to what works for your hearing needs.

The noise reduction filter enhances your listening comprehension. The Vivo 108 hearing aid is a great value in hearing. The maximum output is limited at ~130dB which protects your ear from sudden loud sounds. The channel multi memory amplifier, amplifies the sound, shaping the low frequency and high frequency differently by setting. The Vivo 108 is sleek, slim, and all but invisible behind the ear.

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids, have the advantage of more durable as the electrical components are located in a case outside the ear. This reduces the amount of earwax and moisture that would damage the electronics. Behind the Ear hearing aids are more suitable for children as ear molds can be easily replaced when children grow.

Uses an A13 replacement battery. Free Batteries included with your hearing aid.

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