Brand New - NewSound PRIMO Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Pair) with Free Charger .... Only $179.95
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      America's #1 selling Hearing Amplifier!


        • Two Ampli Ear Hearing  Amplifiers 
        • Four packs of premium extended life batteries 
        • A Lifetime Warranty against malfunction or defectiveness 
        • Bottle of ear wax remover to keep your Ampli Ears working properly 

              The Ampli Ear is 100% adjustable, fits all ear sizes in both men and women and is nearly invisible in your ear. So, end those embarrassing moments. Never apologize again for not being able to hear. Hear the Quietest Whispers, Listen to the FAINTEST phone conversations, Watch TV with the volume turned down lower, and CLEARLY hear conversations in a crowded room.


            • Discreet and lightweight.
            • Uses the latest air induction technology available.
            • The controls are conveniently positioned.
            • Perfect for those who might have dexterity issues.
            • Does not require constant tinkering and fine tuning - like other hearing aids and personal hearing amplifiers.
            • What makes the Ampli Ear a best selling product is its affordability. Many of our customers are looking to be first time hearing aid users not looking to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids not covered by their insurance and perhaps not yet necessary, which makes the Ampli Ear hearing amplifier a perfect "starter".
            • Many of our customers have purchased the Ampli Ear to serve as a backup, while their "pricey" hearing aid sits in the shop.
            • Our customers have included soldiers abroad, teachers, outdoors-men, hunters, TV watchers, and many who wanted to significantly improve their awareness of surrounding sounds and voices, greater independence and security.
            • Fits both men and women.
            • Designed to fit in either ear.
            • The Micro Ampli Ear comes with 4 different sized ear fittings for a snug comfortable fit producing a better quality amplification of sound.
            • Volume control.
            • Battery compartment and ON/OFF switch.
            • A cleaning brush to remove unwanted wax build up - important for the effectiveness of your hearing aid!
            • The Micro Ampli Ear is US FDA/CDRH listed.
            • Over 1 million Micro Ampli Ears Hearing Amplifiers have been ordered.
            • Free USPS 1st Class Shipping


        Lifetime Guarantee: 

        We all know that from time to time "things" happen. We offer an additional "Lifetime Protection" - full coverage against any malfunction, and broken parts for the lifetime of your product. Simply contact our customer service team (800-843-9357), return the product to our warehouse, and a NEW unit will be shipped to you free of charge.   Coverage Good for two Ampli Ears, if purchased together.

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