Brand New - NewSound PRIMO Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Pair) with Free Charger .... Only $179.95
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      Our Most Powerful Hearing Aid

           The NewSound VANPro 201 was built especially for those who suffer from above average to severe hearing loss. The VANPro 201 has the most comprehensive functions and is loaded with features.  

        • Super Power Optimized DSP Behind the Ear Hearing Aid  (Digital Signal Processing)
        • Multi Channels WDRC Multi Memories Amplifier (Wide Dynamic Range Compression)
        • 12 Bands Frequency Shaping - From 250Hz to 8000Hz will be divided to 12 parts, you can set the gain on each part.
        • 12 Bands Layered Noise Reduction - From 250Hz to 8000Hz will be divided to 12 parts, the noise reduction processing will be conducted on each part separately.
        • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation (AFC) technology
        • Wideband MPO Control  (Maximum Power Output)
        • Low Battery Warning
        • Fits Either Ear
        • Two listening programs
        • Easy battery replacement
        • Easy volume adjustments
        • Sturdy and stylish shell
        • The VANPro 201 uses a 675D battery,  and free batteries are included with your purchase.
      Instruction Manual
      How To Wear Your Hearing Aid


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