Success Stories

"A new life at 60" from Mr.Lionel (South Africa)


Mr.Lionel is from South Africa, and he has suffered hearing loss for years. While he was visiting China, he was recommended to try NewSound hearing aid.
After spending a happy week in NewSound, not only did he get a suitable hearing ais for himself, he also learned lots of knowledges about hearing and hearing aid.   

Upon his leaving, he wrote this Thank-you note:
"After receiving a new hearing aid and being in the same office for a week, I can hear new sounds like a phone ringing, footsteps, people laughing. I'll soon adapt. Thanks to NewSound, A new life at 60.  


September 4, 2016

Dear Team at NewSound Hearing,

I am a retired civil servant. I am also someone who has battled hearing loss for almost a ten-year period, using more than six different sets of hearing aids which were all of the finest brands in the industry. These were purchased from hearing centers, and at a high cost. Each time, what was sold to me was represented as the latest innovation, far superior than any previous hearing aid. However, all of these promises have never lived up to their expectations for me.

I had thought of giving up, before I had the "last shot" in your "In-store Shop" in Kang Fu Zhi Jia (Beijing Branch). Then I got Wing 8. For the first time in many years, I got really satisfied with hearing aids! My hearing care professional had suggested me that Wing 8 has represented the highest technology and is of best seller of NewSound. With the company of Wing 8, the unpleasant feedback barely happens, I can hear very clearly even in noisy environments. Thanks to the doctors' craftsmanship, it's the most comfortable hearing aids in my ear canal. What's more, Wing 8 is much cheaper! And I also feel it's my obligation to tell that the service in NewSound's "In-store Shop" is really great. Consulting and many services are free of charge. The clerks there are all nice to me. 

NewSound hearing aids are so vastly superior to any other hearing aid at any price whatsoever. I am absolutely convinced that there are no devices nearly as good on the market, nor will there be in the near future - unless they are made by NewSound Hearing.

Jianguo Zhang