"The Owl XL" BTE PSA

"The Owl XL" BTE PSA
Item# owlxl
Retail: $44.95
Our Price: $34.50, 2/$66.00

  • 8 free extended life premium cell replacement batteries come with each unit
  • It's lightweight & easily adjusted
  • Offers behind-the-ear comfort
  • Virtually undetectable piping to the ear
  • 3 different soft tip ear pieces for comfort and superb sound enhancement and amplification
  • Easy settings eliminate dexterity issues

  • The Owl XL "behind the ear" personal sound amplifier is made of fine state of the art material that rests comfortably behind your ear and delivers a wonderful sound experience. The Owl XL was developed using the latest electronic based air-conduction technology and weighs only 0.4 of an oz.

  • There is a continuous variable sound volume controller
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • The audio cable is 180 degree adjustable with a microphone ear piece
  • Best of all The Owl XL works in either ear, man or woman
  • There are three different sizes of latex ear-tips

  • Accessories

    The Owl XP Personal Sound Amplifier Package
    Retail: $98.95
    Our Price: $49.00
    Size 675 Premium Extended Life Batteries
    $5.95, 3/$16.50, 5/$26.25