Hearing Aids

NewSound VIVO206  Digital Hearing Aid
Ear Hook or Open Fit
Retail: $189.95
Our Price: $159.95, 2/$309.00
NewSound VIVO 105  Hearing Aid
Highest Satisfaction Rating
Retail: $139.95
Our Price: $89.95, 2/$174.00
The  Vivo108 Hearing Aid
#1 Seller
Retail: $149.95
Our Price: $99.95, 2/$189.00
NewSound ZIV208 Digital Hearing Aid
Advanced Features
Very Popular
Retail: $199.95
Our Price: $159.95, 2/$306.00
NewSound VanPro209 <br> Digital Hearing Aid
Very Powerful
Retail: $279.00
Our Price: $189.95, 2/$372.00

Hearing Aid 2020 is dedicated to helping customers all over the world hear more and hear better for less. We offer inexpensive hearing aids and hearing amplifiers created by professional audiologists and backed by our 30 day "No Questions Asked" money back guarantee. We offer toll free ordering, quick shipping, and a friendly and knowledgeable customer service department to take care of your orders or answer any of your questions. We always strive to discount our hearing aids giving our customers the opportunity to find affordable alternatives to higher priced products.

"You donít have to pay thousands of dollars to hear what you have been missing".