Ultra 9000 PSA

Ultra 9000 PSA
Item# Ultra9000
Retail: $37.00
Our Price: $19.95, 2/$35.00

The American Research Institute testing rates the Ultra 9000 a full 100 out of 100 points for clarity, amplification, and comfort. The Ultra 9000 is 100% adjustable, fits all ear sizes in both men and women and is nearly invisible in your ear. So, end those embarrassing moments. Never apologize again for not being able to clearly understand. The Quietest Whispers, Listen to the FAINTEST phone conversations, Watch TV with the volume turned down lower, and CLEARLY understand conversations in a crowded room.

  • Ultra 9000 is perfect for both men and women with larger ear bowls
  • Fits both left and right ears.
  • *4 FREE short life battery replacements.
  • A cleaning brush to remove unwanted wax build up
  • 4 Different sized soft tip silicone ear pieces - The better the fit, the better the quality and clarity of sound
  • Easy to open and shut battery door.
  • Large volume control - perfect for those with dexterity problems.
  • A sturdy plastic travel case to protect your Ampli Ear

  • *The batteries that come packaged with the Ultra 9000 are short life trial batteries which will last approximately 8 hours each. Typical battery life from a standard #312 battery will last in excess of 100 hours in the Ampli Ear.


    #312 - Replacement Batteries
    Premium Extended Life
    $5.95, 3/$16.50, 5/$26.25